Nodge is a 3rd person exploration sandbox. Tasked with the mission to help preserve its ecosystem, you set out on an adventure to explore and understand this little planet. The flora and fauna of Nodge are very peculiar but thankfully you can invite a friend to help you complete your mission. Science your way to success!



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Nodge is designed to be a sandbox for relaxation. Set your own pace and goals or invite a friend to share the fun.

  • Exploration

    Nodge is semi-procedurally generated, the majority is hand-crafted. Every zone and every biome has it's own unique gameplay look and feel.

  • Farming

    Farming is all about finding rare and exotic seeds and growing them in your farm. Not every crop is equal so you'll have to experiment to grow the highest quality possible!

  • Herding

    Every creature you find will have its own behaviours and purpose. Some help with farming and other can be used as pets/companions.

  • Co-Op Multiplayer

    Everything is more fun with friends and everything in Nodge is playable in co-op!

  • More

    There's a lot more you can do in Nodge and I'll be posting about them as I develop the features.


Filling up on water.
Landscape Experiments.
Tutorial speedrun.
HUGE sun.
Follow Camera.

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